In 2007, Eric Mack celebrated 25 years in business as an entrepreneur, software developer, and productivity consultant. He has provided expert consulting services to more than 350 corporate and government clients, most notably in the fields of messaging, collaborative, and productivity technologies. An articulate speaker, Eric has also shared his technological insights with more than 10,000 people around the country through his eProductivity coaching and seminars.
How It All Began
Eric’s love affair with technology consulting began at age 15, when he built his first computer system – a 1 Mhz 8080 Computer with a whopping 64 Kilobytes of RAM. A prodigious computer wiz, Eric dived into software development at age 16 when he was contracted to design and develop flight-planning software for a Lear Jet charter company. Eric dropped out of high school that same year to pursue collegiate studies in Computer Science. From there, at 18, he launched his first consulting firm to help organizations deploy microcomputer technology in a pre-IBM PC era.
In the early 1980's, the U.S. Air Force called upon Eric to help deploy the first microcomputers at the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards Air Force Base, California. Those computers – the Z-100 business computers, were the forerunner to the IBM PC. As PC-Based networks began to emerge, Eric developed several LAN messaging products and wireless gateways to extend e-mail to one-way wireless devices.
In 1992, Eric co-founded and served as CTO for the software company Peloria Technology Corporation, where he developed wireless messaging and server-based agent technology for messaging applications. His MailScout software sold more than 500,000 licenses. Eric also designed and deployed enterprise messaging systems using cc:Mail and Lotus Notes. He also served in the Electronic Messaging Association (EMA) and Personal Communications Industries Association (PCIA), speaking regularly at industry conferences.
It was during this time that Eric built a friendship and business relationship with productivity expert, David Allen, serving as his personal technologist 1993-1998, as his CTO from 1998-2005, and as his Director of technology from 2005-2007. Today, Eric serves as David Allen's personal technologist and consultant to the David Allen Company.
Weary from travel and eager to spend more time with his family, Eric left Peloria in 1997 to resume his work as an independent researcher and technologist, focusing on showing organizations how to use Information, Communication, and Action technologies. His company, ICA.COM, Inc., promotes his ICA consulting model for eProductivity.
In 2007, Eric launched his eProductivity suite of software for Lotus Notes to make it easy for people to implement David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology in Lotus Notes. He also resumed his role as a public speaker, appearing at conferences such as Office 2.0 and KMWORLD, and for select clients around the world. He currently has a proposal to speak at Lotusphere 2008 as well.
On the Personal Side
Eric and his wife, Kathy, live in a tiny resort community high in the mountains of Southern California, where they home educate their four daughters. Eric enjoys working on his HERO 2000 robot and inspiring children to pursue careers in math and science through his robotics presentations and his involvement as a robotics coach with U.S. FIRST. Thanks to the Internet, video conferencing, and collaborative technologies, some of which he helped to pioneer, Eric is now able to work from home while serving clients around the world.
In addition to his 25-plus years of experience in IT, Eric also holds a degree in Organizational Management and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Information and Knowledge Management. In his “spare” time, Eric, an avid blogger, enjoys sharing his thoughts at He and Kathy are active within their community and their church.
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